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Magnetic Separator Designs

The individual Black Powder Separators remove Black Powder contamination from fuel in rotating equipment to sub-micron levels. These separators have the most powerful non-electric magnetic fields in the industry, with a holding strength of over 650lbs/lft. Change out and cleaning intervals are accessed by a differential pressure gauge.

The Magnetic Separators have a 15+ year operational life, the cleanable stainless steel cloth separator elements have a 3 to 5+ year operational life.

High and low pressure pumps available, no element for minimal flow restriction, ASME U-Stamp, PED and CRN certified vessels.

Applications: Fuel gas, crude oil


Double separator design incorporating a magnetic separator as the primary design and a pleated stainless steel cloth element as the final separator

Applications: Light weight viscosity fuels


Triple coalescing separator as the primary design, with a magnetic separator as the secondary, and a stainless steel cloth element as the final separator.

Applications: Natural Gas


Magnetic Basket Strainer Separator

This BPS design separates Black Powder to sub-micron levels protecting valves, meters, and compressor seals. Cleaner gas results in better combustion and less emissions. The unit is easily cleaned and returned to service and requires a yearly PM with minimal consumable components (flange gaskets).

Applications: Fueling engines for mobile and stationary equipment, furnaces, power plants

Features: Oversized housings to allow maximum employment of the magnetic separators to ensure the most efficient filtration


BPS Magnetic Y-Strainer

For applications with restriction of space on equipment . The Y-Strainer traps both ferrous and non-ferrous contamination to sub-micron range.

Applications: Cryogenic, and high pressure

Features: Available in stainless steel, and bronze. Flanged access allows for cleaning at –320°F.


BPS High Pressure Scrubber

Designed for hydraulic applications with system pressures up to 6000 PSI. Its  increased separation capability removes both ferrous and non-ferrous     contamination down to sub-micron levels without flow restriction.

Applications: High pressure, low flow, low viscosity

Features: Reduces the need for horsepower to move the hydraulic fluid through the line.


Dual State Magnetic Separator Cone Strainer

The BPS Magnetic Separator Cone Strainer is designed for start up    applications in equipment. Traditionally after start-up the cone strainer is removed. When the mesh screen is removed, magnetic separation    continues with minimal flow restriction trapping Black Powder to a sub-micron level protecting compressors, pumps, turbines and flow meters. This design can be ordered with or without the mesh screen.

Application: Refineries, oil and gas transmission lines, chemical plants

Features: Phonographic finish, removable cone mesh, raised inner lip