Amine Sweetening Units

Can magnetic separation improve reliability and reduce filtration costs?

The management of particulate solids in amine sweetening systems is a highly challenging issue for many refineries and gas processing plants.  Black powder contamination – including iron sulfide – in the sub-10 micron range is difficult and expensive to remove with conventional filters.  Magnetic separation systems remove both ferrous and non-ferrous black powder contamination, including iron sulfide, from above 150 microns to below 0.10 microns with 95%+ efficiency.

4 Reasons to use Magnetic Filtration in Amine Systems

Lower your contamination costs

Our magnetic separator systems utilize high-strength permanent magnetic fields to remove particulates. There are no single use filter elements – our systems only require cleaning and they do not wear out. If placed upstream of your existing conventional filtration system, you will largely eliminate particulates and substantially reduce your filter costs.

Reduce chemical costs

Small iron sulfide particles contribute to foaming in amine systems; to mitigate this, expensive anti-foaming chemicals and amine replacement are typical solutions. Our magnetic separator systems remove iron sulfide particles.

Minimize touch points

Our magnetic separator systems typically hold hundreds of pounds of contamination, typically requiring infrequent cleaning and significantly reducing employee activity related to filter change-outs.

Decrease your environmental footprint

As our systems do not use single-use, throwaway filters, so there are no filter elements to dispose of – just the contamination itself is disposed.

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