Crude Oil

Cleaning Black Powder™ contamination at critical locations reduces costly damage from the well to the refinery. Black Powder presence reduces oil/water/solids separation capability at the battery, damages pumps along the pipeline to the tank farms and displaces storage capacity. This also reduces efficiency of the desalter process and increases energy costs during the distillation process. Black Powder builds up in the distillation trays reducing refining efficiency. Black Powder presence reduces product quality of semi-refined and refined products, while damaging the pumps, valves and meters through all the processes.

• Field Batteries/Terminals• Treaters and Separators
• Trucks• All Pipelines
• All Tank Farms• Barges and Ships

Dax Oil Crude Distillation Unit Heat Exchanger

A Brazilian refinery receives trucked-in crude oil from 3rd party producers in the Reconcavo basin. The crude is heavily contaminated with Black Powder that accumulates in…

Total Refinery Protection

Crude oil received by barge and pipeline is highly contaminated with Black Powder contamination. It enters the crude unit and causes (1) increased energy…

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