It can be costly to clean refined products with single-use depth media membrane separators, as Black Powder™ contamination consists mainly of iron oxide and iron sulfide compounds. These compounds are typically under 10 microns in size and often, in significant quantities, under 1 micron. Installation of an Inline Magnetic Separator System upstream of the product pump can assist in reducing these costs of cleaning prior to refining – these are the targets for Magnetic Separation:

• Refineries• Petrochemical Facilities
• Loading Facilities• Power Plants
• Airport Fuel Facilities• LNG Plants

LPG Loading Terminal Loading Arms

The plant inlet conventional filters allow Black Powder contamination to enter the facility and in turn, damage pump and compression equipment. During the loading process, small quantities of Black Powder plug off the basket screens, extending loading hours, and creating costly…

Crude Stabilizer NGL Product

NGL product has high levels of Black Powder contamination coming out of the stabilizer column. The contamination was causing damage to the pumps, meters, and valves downstream…

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