Natural Gas

To date, much of the focus for our clients on the installation of Magnetic Separation in natural gas has been near the point of consumption – in power plants, gas distribution systems and retail/commercial fueling. As we often see, small amounts of Black Powder™ contamination in large natural gas volume applications can often result in very significant accumulations of this type of particulate – particularly in pipelines. Black Powder in natural gas appears at the point of production and continues downstream, affecting many other types of facilities as well – these are all targets for magnetic separation:

• Gas Gathering Systems• Compressor Suction (or discharge)
• Gas Processing Facilities (inlet)• Storage Compression and Pipelines
• All Midstream and Downstream Pipelines• LNG Facility Inlets, Tankage, Internal Systems, Outlets and Ships

Black Powder in Natural Gas Systems

In this particular case, larger Black Powder contamination particles in a natural gas distribution system were plugging off traditional depth media filters, while the smaller particles passed through the filters and fouled the natural gas burner nozzles…

Natural Gas Transmission Line

High volumes of Black Powder contamination in natural gas feed stock were plugging off conventional filtration systems on a 6” OD natural gas transmission line with a…

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