In our experience, we have seen clients install our Magnetic Separators downstream of gas/liquid separators, in both unstabilized and stabilized plant condensate (natural gasoline) and NGLs, in refinery NGLs, at pipeline receipt points, at both the front and back end of LPG ship loading terminals and in petrochemical facility feedstock. These are just a few of the possible locations where magnetic separation may be required – other locations include:

• Gas/Liquid Separator Inlets• Pipeline Pumps and Delivery Points
• Fractionator Inlets and Outlets• Storage Inlets and Outlets
• Ship Terminal Offloading• Point of Sale/Use Facilities

Processing Facility Crude Stabilizer NGL

NGL product has high levels of Black Powder contamination coming out of the stabilizer column. The contamination was causing damage to the pumps, meters, and valves…

Petrochemical Facility Condensate Feedstock

A petrochemical facility in South Korea needs to protect their facility from condensate feedstock loaded with Black Powder contamination. The contamination was coming from…

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