To date, amine systems in refineries and natural gas processing plants, as well as gas plant glycol systems, have been an important area of focus for our clients – with particular focus on rich side amine and glycol applications. Particulate contamination loading on the rich side of these systems can be significant, often resulting in excessive separator use as well as downstream particulate accumulation in heat exchangers and regenerators. The use of Magnetic Separators in lean side operation is also warranted in some systems – other operations that can benefit from Magnetic Separation are:

• Process Fluids• Condensate in Pipeline Operations
• Glycol Process Pumps• Kerosene Pumps
• Facility Condensate Feedstock

Off-Shore Platform Glycol Dehydration

Contamination entering a 3000-7000 L glycol reservoir from a 32 km pipeline had high levels of contamination as a result of pipeline corrosion. The contamination would degrade new glycol and reduce…

Amine Sweetening Units

Amine systems in natural gas processing plants and crude oil refineries are prone to various forms of disruption, making them notoriously difficult to…

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