Transportation Fuels

The two largest concerns regarding all forms of transport are their environmental impact and safe operations. Diesel emissions are gaining increasing scrutiny along with strict regulations. Quality filtration of wear contamination is the first step to protecting equipment, reducing labour requirements and improving emissions. Magnetic Separators are proven to prevent scored injectors, damaged critical engine components, reduced lubrication quality and deteriorated hydraulic systems components to ensure responsible, cost effective equipment operation.

• Pipeline Diesel• Fuel Depots
• Aviation Fuels• Airport Fuel Facilities
• Engine Lubricants

Jet Fuel Particulate Removal

This study explains how The Nashville International Airport (BNA) removed Black Powder contamination particulates from jet fuel delivered by a large refined-products pipeline, resulting in improved product…

Refinery Diesel Fuel Cracking Column

Gulf Coast Refinery, USA Problem: Minimal quantities of Black Powder would plug the suction screens in front of the product pumps. This could happen multiple times per shift leading…

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