Water Treatment

It is critical to protect utility and process water from rust and corrosion contamination. Common applications are cooling lines, boiler feed lines, reservoirs and process water lines. These applications require quality filtration of hard particles (iron, silica, sodium, and others) under 5 microns to protect their tight tolerance components from wear and eventual failure. Poor water quality directly results in increased maintenance and downtime – these are all targets for Magnetic Separation:

• Boiler Protection• Facility Heated Water Lines
• Municipal Water Quality• Pumps
• Settling Tank Farms

Refinery Desalter Service

Black Powder particulate contamination in the post-desalter water was driving unsustainable consumption of single use filters and operating costs of almost US$2 million. The…

Power Plant Heated Water Line

Conventional basket strainer filtration was unable to remove corrosion contamination from a heated water line. Solution: Install Magnetic Separator elements into existing basket strainer as…

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