Case Study

Diesel Fuel Cracking Column

Black Powder contamination larger than 30 microns in size causing cavitation and pump failure.
Black Powder contamination under 10 microns down to and below 1 micron flow through the strainer, damaging equipment components downstream and degrade product quality.
Unscheduled maintenance for pump replacement. The repairs require switching to standby pumps, while the pump and pipe is removed to access cone strainers for cleaning. Often, the line leading to the strainer would also plug off. The line would require manual cleaning to the back of the valve.

Glycol Circulation Pumps

High concentrations of Black Powder contamination in the glycol system composed of particles too small for a y-strainer filter screen to remove. This corrosion resulted in abrasive iron sulfides and iron oxides reducing the life of the glycol…

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