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The 10th Anniversary Operational Excellence in Oil and Gas Summit

Black Powder Solutions is attending the  10th Anniversary Operational Excellence in Oil & Gas conference on November 4th – 6th  2019 at the Norris Convention Center in Houston TX.

Visit us at booth at BOOTH 8, and join us for a presentation on the the hidden costs of contamination in hydrocarbon processing (check out this article on black powder contamination).

Jason Kulsky, President of Black Powder Solutions, will present on  November 5th at 11:45 am.

Maximizing Operational Performance & Improving Safety: Addressing Contamination Issues

Particulate contamination, such as black powder contamination, in hydrocarbon systems significantly increases operating expenses, causes facility downtime, increases equipment expenditures, lowers product quality and needlessly increases the environmental footprint and number of touch points. Instead, by ‘getting to know your contamination’ and recognizing there are alternatives, you can increase spending efficiencies, uptime, safety and significantly reduce your waste.

  • We’ll talk about some of the impacts of contamination in hydrocarbon systems and talk about how to look at that contamination differently.
  • Recognizing the status quo and “ignorance is bliss” are not best practices, we’ll talk about some lessons learned and how it can be done better, as well as some conventional filtration biases.
  • Finally, we will review a technology alternative using magnetic separation and talk through some interesting examples.

More information to come!