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Dispenser Feed Gas Line Black Powder Removal

Dispenser Feed Gas Line Black Powder Removal

Dispenser Feed Gas Line Black Powder Removal

Snam Rete Gas



Black Powder contamination was damaging meters, valves, and compressor seals. Costly monthly maintenance was required to repair and clean the pipe system and compressor components.



Alex Priori of Renox S.R.L., suggested installing a BPS Black Powder Magnetic Separator prior to the compressor.



After 3 months and 309 218 SCM of natural gas, a significant amount of Black Powder contamination was captured.

Analysis of the Black Powder showed high quantities of ferrous and non-ferrous contamination that was captured by the magnetic separator.

The BPS Magnetic Separator is still currently installed with full efficiency and effectiveness. No maintenance crews have been required to repair the compressors since employment of the Magnetic Separator.


BPS recommends installing Magnetic Separator technology in place of depth media filters to realize cleaner gas, less flow restriction, reduced maintenance costs on valves, flow meters, and extended pipe wall life thereby improved production integrity of the pipeline.


January 1, 2012


Downstream, Midstream, Natural Gas, Pipeline, Refinery


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