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Mud Pump Lube Oil Black Powder Removal

Mud Pump Lube Oil Black Powder Removal

Mud Pump Lube Oil Black Powder Removal




Significant amounts of Black Powder contamination built up in the power frame oil of newly manufactured mud pumps. Traditional depth media filtration was not efficient, as each filter needed changing after every pump test. This was expensive due to the oil cost and disposal fees. Traditional filtration was unable to capture the most destructive contamination at sub-micron levels.



Install a BPS Magnetic Separator on the lubrication loop after the traditional filtration.



After a 23 hour test run, the Magnetic Separator Rod was covered in Black Powder the initial traditional filter had missed. The assembly was inspected by plant personnel and the contaminants collected for analysis to aid in predictive maintenance.

In the 12 hour test, the BPS Magnetic Separator captured a large amount of contamination, comprised of 72% Iron, 19% Carbon and trace amounts of copper, chromium, nickel, aluminum and magnesium, that by- passed the current filtration method.


January 29, 2016


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