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Natural Gas Fuel Dispenser Inlet




Black powder contamination was damaging meters, valves, and compressor seals. Costly monthly maintenance was required to repair and clean the piping system and compressor components.



Install a high-pressure magnetic separator upstream of the compressor.



After the initial cleaning, a significant amount of ferrous and non-ferrous black powder was captured. The magnetic separator system is still currently installed and operating at full efficiency. No maintenance crews have been required to repair the compressors since its deployment.

Analysis of the contamination captured showed a particle composition of:


Iron > 2000
Chromium 3
Nickel 11
Molybdenum <1
Aluminum 58
Lead 20
Copper 13
Tin < 1
Silver < 1
Titanium 5
Silicon 417
Sodium 46
Vanadium <1
Potassium 41
Calcium 196
Magnesium 60
Phosphorus 154
Zinc 93
Barium < 5
Boron 10


Downstream, Fuel Depot, Natural Gas