Refinery Diesel Fuel Cracking Column

Gulf Coast Refinery, USA


Minimal quantities of Black Powder would plug the suction screens in front of the product pumps. This could happen multiple times per shift leading to constant swapping of pumps, insulation removal, and pipe disassembly to access cone strainers for cleaning. Often, the line leading to the strainer would also plug off, and the pipe required manual cleaning to the back of the valve.


Install an inline Magnetic Separator system upstream of the product pump.


The Magnetic Separator system holding strength allows for extended cleaning intervals, and reduced the maintenance requirements for cleaning the witch hats; outages were successfully prevented. The magnetic separator system also prolonged the coaleser change intervals; the clay filter elements’ operating lives were extended so that 15 sets of changes were eliminated annually. Additionally, the resultant product cleanliness allows for the diesel fuel to be sold at a premium.

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