Black Powder Contamination

Magnetically Capturing Non-Ferrous Contamination

Black Powder Solutions’ Magnetic Separator systems capture Black Powder particulate contamination, which includes both ferrous and non-ferrous particles. It is well known that ferrous materials are attracted by magnetic forces; however, the capture of non ferrous particles by magnetic forces is less understood. Non-Ferrous particles are magnetically captured due to cross-contamination with ferrous particles. All …

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An Introduction to Black Powder Contamination

August 2019 “Black PowderTM” (Black Powder) contamination is a widely used term for a highly pervasive particulate contamination found in all hydrocarbon facilities and pipelines, water systems, petrochemical powders, and other fluid and gas systems. It has many other names, such as black dirt, sludge, shoe polish, brown dirt, rouge and black sand, among others. …

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