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Black Powder Separator Technology

Magnetic Separator System

BPS Magnetic Separator are deployable at all stages of the hydrocarbon value chain with application for hydrocarbon fluids and gases, refined products, petrochemicals and water. Systems are cleanable with a 5+ year operating life and require minimal consumables.

  • BPS Magnetic Separator Systems are engineered to achieve 95%+ efficiency of ferrous particulate removal by accounting for design parameters such as pressure, temperature, cleaning mechanisms and specialty alloys.
  • Systems are screenless and operate with minimal flow restriction allowing for full-flow operation with minimal pressure drop (< 0.5 psi in a clean system).
  • Systems employ a magnetic separator element array within a vessel that maximizes dwell time and separation capability.
  • These systems are known to capture non-ferrous material through static charge and entrapment of ferrous particulate.

BPS Magnetic Separator Systems require cleaning rather than filter disposal; each system offers long life service and utilizes minimal consumables.

The high loading capacity allows for extended maintenance intervals of 6 months to 1 year depending on the application.

Magnetic Separator Element

Magnetic separator elements are constructed with a patented radial-magnetic-field configuration that offers high loading capacity of black powder particulate ranging from sub-micron to 100+ microns in size.

Manual Cleaning System

The manual cleaning system is designed for smaller applications. The user removes the Magnetic Separators from the vessel and installs them in the cleaning station. The Magnetic Separators are lifted through the scrapers allowing the contaminants to be collected in the containment bag.

Semi-Automatic Cleaning System

The motor and the gear box attach to the davit arm. The large and small blind flange are at the top of the vessel. The small blind flange removes, giving easy access to the internals crew and coupling. Rotation of the screw cap by the motor and gear box allows the BPS scraper plate to move up & down along the rods.

Automatic Cleaning System

The automated self-cleaning system measures Black Powder contamination removal effectiveness in real time with particle counters and pressure transducers. Counters detect an increase in particles passing through the system and respond by increasing auto-cleaning frequency.
Every separator includes an enclosed actuated cleaning system to remove Black Powder contamination from the Magnetic Separators. With a duplex design of separator modules, scheduled and unscheduled system maintenance can be performed with no interruption to overall gas or oil delivery increasing up-time.

When a scheduled cleaning period occurs, the proper valves will be either opened or closed diverting all flow to the alternative vessel of the duplex. The actuator will be engaged to run; this will remove the contamination from the magnetic separator rods.

Once a cycle is complete, the vessel will remain in stand-by mode until the alternate vessel is in need of cleaning. BPS systems are fully scalable and modular to accommodate all line sizes, pressures and volumes.

Procurement Process

Completing the BPS Project Data Requisition Form is the first essential  step in the quoting process. This form gives BPS’s engineering team the necessary information to complete a budgetary quote, and it helps to expedite the quoting process. Do not hesitate to contact BPS to clarify this process as the team is always available to answer any question.

Black Powder Contamination

Black Powder is an industry name for the abrasive, reactive contamination particulate present in all gas and hydrocarbon fluid transmission lines. Black Powder will range from light brown to black and the mineral make up will vary per production field around the world.