Kerosene Pump Around Loop

Update 2021: 6+ years in continuous service providing reduction in ESG Risk and OPEX

Gulf Coast Refinery, Houston, TX USA, 2015 – 2021


Crude oil feedstock entering the refinery is loaded with high volumes of Black Powder contaminants. The entire unit was experiencing issues with Black Powder building up and plugging the suction screens in front of pumps.


Deploy a Magnetic Separator on the kerosene pump around loop to protect the pump.


During a recent cleaning, the Magnetic Separator system protecting Pump 104 had collected not only Black Powder, but a group of piping knockouts from a recent facility upset. Had they entered the pump impeller and become stuck, the facility would have had to replace the pump resulting in lost product on unplanned maintenance.

Black Powder collected after six weeks of operation.