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Black Powder Solutions

Black Powder Solutions Inc. (BPS) is a Canadian company that designs and manufactures patented Magnetic Separator Systems as an inline, full-flow solution for removing Black Powder™ contamination from hydrocarbon fluids and gases, refined products, petrochemicals and water.


BPS’ Magnetic Separator Systems offer the solution for a safer work environment by reducing the exposure to Black Powder. Traditional filtration methods may require up to 12 replacements annually, increasing opportunity of injury. This is achieved through the containment and cleaning processes associated with our technology. Very little handling of the Black Powder is necessary during the cleaning process. Companies can choose 3 different cleaning systems; each of these greatly reduces exposure to Black Powder.


BPS’ technology is an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional filtration. BPS Technology offers a 15 + year product life. It is a cleanable technology which significantly reduces the consumption traditional depth media filters. Black Powder Magnetic Separators working in tandem with existing traditional filtration systems is a solution for reducing the number of disposable filters. Finally, BPS offers a product which reduces pipeline spills by reducing pipeline corrosion and erosion of the pipeline wall.


Management of Black Powder due to pipeline corrosion has been identified as one of the most costly issues in the upstream, midstream and downstream of the oil and gas industry. The ROI is quickly realized with BPS Technology, as it operates with minimal consumables. The cost of operation per year of BPS Black Powder Separator Technology is on average 10% of traditional filtration systems on gas pipelines. On hydrocarbon fluid pipelines, the ROI for replacement of traditional basket and cone strainer technology is also quickly realized by extended pump, meter and pipe wall life. Ultimately, BPS Technology is a solution to significantly increase a company’s profit margin by reducing the cost of production at every juncture of the production process. In addition, it provides a much cleaner end product which also increases the value of the product to the consumer.

BPS Magnetic Separator Systems are the sustainable, optimal solution for contamination removal. With an efficiency of 99+ percent for all ferrous particles and 95+ percent for non-ferrous from sub-micron to 100+ microns in size these separators have a high load capacity that allows extended maintenance intervals from 6 months to up to 2+ years depending on the application. Our Magnetic Separators protect pumps, valves and process equipment from failure along all stages of the hydrocarbon value chain, and eliminate the need for conventional, depth-media filtration.

Deployment of BPS Technology will ultimately improve system operations, increase production, improve product quality, support safety initiatives and reduce environmental impact.


Roger Simonson – President

There is always a way, you just have to discover it. I invent and design solutions that solve tomorrow’s challenges with innovative technologies. I want to create a better world. If people are to prosper on our planet serious focus on protecting the environment is the only future. We need solutions for all industry that improves how businesses that affect the environment are conducted. With the future focused on space travel and population of other planets quality technologies are required, bold thinking is required, and I want to be part of the solutions.

Black Powder Solutions (BPS) was started in 2011, and patented a unique magnetic separator technology that reduces operational costs, while protecting the environment. I was motivated by its potential to revolutionize the industry. The applications are endless as is the positive environmental impact. Black Powder Solutions are in 40 countries and expanding. Success requires determination, innovation, and passion to over come the challenge of change. Fewer than 3% percent of inventions make it to market. Success demands understanding the technical and business challenges from the start and building a team with integrity and commitment to ensure a successful venture.

Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come, and for BPS, that time is now. We have found a smarter way to do business by reducing costs, by extending the operational life of equipment, and reducing consumption of hydrocarbon liquids. This results in a very positive environmental impact while reducing emissions. Our technologies are designed to last, and can be in service for 20+ years. Our systems are a sustainable alternative to conventional filters that will end up in landfills. We are proud of our achievements. None of this would have been possible without a dedicated team, with whom it is a privilege to work with. We are successful and growing as we continue to invest in improving our world leading technology.


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