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BPS designs and manufactures patented Black Powder Magnetic Separation systems in a modular format for full flow application of hydrocarbon fluid transmission pipelines as a solution to pipeline corrosion.

BPS employs a patented radial magnetic filter rod technology in the construction of the BPS Separators which captures ferrous and non-ferrous contamination to sub-micron levels with minimal flow restriction.

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BPS’s magnetic systems offer the solution for a safer work enviroment by reducing the exposure to Black Powder. Traditional filtration methods may require up to 12 replacements annually, increasing opportunity of injury. This is achieved through the containment and cleaning processes associated with our technology. Very little handling of the Black Powder is necessary during the cleaning process. Companies can choose 3 different cleaning systems; each of these greatly reduces exposure to Black Powder.


BPS’s technology is an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional filtration. BPS technology offers a 15 + year product life. It is a cleanable technology which significantly reduces the consumption traditional depth media filters. Black Powder Magnetic Separators working in tandem with existing traditional filtration systems is a solution for reducing the number of disposable filters. Finally, BPS offers a product which reduces pipeline spills by reducing pipeline corrosion and erosion of the pipeline wall.


Management of Black Powder due to pipeline corrosion has been identified as one of the most costly issues in the upstream, midstream and downstream of the oil and gas industry. The ROI is quickly realized with BPS technology as it operates with minimal consumables; the cost of operation per year of BPS Black Powder Separator technology is on average 10% of traditional filtration systems on gas pipelines. On hydrocarbon fluid pipelines, the ROI for replacement of traditional basket and cone strainer technology is also quickly realized by extended pump, meter, and pipe wall life. Ultimately, BPS technology is a solution to significantly increase a company’s profit margin by reducing the cost of production at every juncture of the production process, plus, it provides a much cleaner end product which also increases the value of the product to the consumer.

Black Powder Contamination

Black Powder is an industry name for the abrasive, reactive contamination particulate present in all gas and hydrocarbon fluid transmission lines due to pipeline corrosion. Black Powder will range from light brown to black and the mineral make up will vary per production field around the world.

BPS Magnetic Separator

The Black Powder Separator System is designed as a solution to remove Black Powder from hydrocarbon fluid transmission lines to sub-micron levels with minimal flow restriction. This technology offers a full inline system approach which is custom designed for specific applications.

Procurement Process

Completing the BPS Project Data Requisition Form is the first essential  step in the quoting process. This form gives BPS’s engineering team the necessary information to complete a budgetary quote, and it helps to expedite the quoting process. Do not hesitate to contact BPS to clarify this process as the team is always available to answer any question.


Please complete the interactive form and email to quotes@blackpowdersolutions.com.

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Black Powder Solutions technology offers a full inline system approach to removing Black Powder from hydrocarbon fluid lines due to pipeline corrosion which is custom designed to specific applications.

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