Condensate Pipeline Pigging

Saudi Arabia


Black Powder contamination in the condensate stream leaving a fractionator is accumulating on the pipeline walls. During pigging operations, the contamination is liberated back into the product.


As a proof of concept, the customer installed a 5” OD, 300#, 316 SS magnetic separator skid, on a 1” OD slipstream line, off of a 14” OD pipeline, for 8 days to test:

(1) Removal of Black Powder in post-pigging operations vs. conventional filtration, and

(2) Dirt holding capacity of a BPS system vs. conventional filtration.


The BPS system was tested after pigging operations, and 2.9 kgs of Black Powder was captured.

After the 8 days, testing showed the conventional filtration plugged off and caused a 25 psi pressure drop. In comparison, the BPS system registered 0 psi pressure differential while loaded with contamination.