Sample Station for Magnetic Separation Testing

Black Powder Solutions Inc. (BPS) designs and manufactures its patented Magnetic Separators to remove Black Powder™ contamination from liquids and gas, refined products, process fluids, water and other applications in all pipeline and facility applications to 95%+ efficiency.  BPS also manufactures single magnetic element sample/test stations, where one/some of the following are required:

  1. Identifying the source of the contamination, including policing 3rd party deliveries;
  2. Capturing contamination for purposes of doing composition and particulate size analysis;
  3. Determining contamination loading, such as Total Suspended Solids (TSS), at different flow rates; and/or
  4. Determining the efficacy of Magnetic Separation in a particular application

BPS test/sample stations are typically configured with the following specifications, or designed as per a client’s specific requirements.  Note that all our sample stations are engineering stamped pressure vessels (U-Stamp, CRN, CE PED).

Magnetic Separator VesselConfigurationPressure ClassInlet / Outlet / Drain / VentFlow Rate*Pressure Differential
5”OD x 40”L2”OD x 26”L magnetic element150#, 300#, 600#, 900#, 1500# (others)2” / 2” / 1” / 3/4” (or NPT, others)≤ 1,400 bpd
≤1.0 mmcfd
≤0.5 psig (clean)
≤6 psig (full)
*Can be used in both gas and liquid; flow meter/totalizer available (recommended)

Our sample/test stations are configured with sample ports in order to allow for product sampling before and after magnetic separation has occurred.  The magnetic element is easily removed from the Magnetic Separator and can be weighed for purposes of determining contamination loading prior to the contamination being wiped from the magnetic element for purposes of laboratory analysis.