Gas Processing Plant Stabilized Condensate

Gas Processing Plant

September 2019


The customer’s 200,000 mmcf/d gas plant is delivering plant-recovered stabilized condensate to a nearby receiving terminal/pipeline system at rates of 5,000 bopd.


Condensate samples at the LACT between the customer’s pipeline and the 3rd party receiving pipeline have shown high levels of Black Powder contamination.
The receiving pipeline specification for Fe is < 8 mg/kg, so the condensate is considerably off spec.

Fe Content in Black Powder Specifications

Lact Unit Discharge Sample

Fe Content: 37.5 mg/kg

*Sample is 37 mg/kg of Fe; mislabeled as Crude Oil


• Daily volumes of Black Powder contamination at 37 mg/kg and 5,000 bopd are > 50 lbs/day.
• Due to the anticipated large volume of material, BPS proposed a system comprised of 2 units in parallel (1 unit shown below).


If receiving pipeline rejects high Fe condensate and condensate price is WTI less $5/bbl (ie. $55/bbl), the pay-out is 2 days of foregone condensate revenue.