What is black powder contamination?

Black Powder is abrasive ferrous and non-ferrous contamination present in all
hydrocarbon fluid and gas systems.

Impact of Black Powder on Your Operation

  • Significant filter-related costs.
  • Damages equipment and increases maintenance expense.
  • Causes downtime and lowers operating efficiency.
  • Early retirement of capital equipment.
  • Lowers hydrocarbon product quality for you and your customers.

Separator Systems

Our cleanable Magnetic Separator Systems remove Black Powder contamination down below 1 micron.

Our products have been in the market for over 10 years in various gas and liquid hydrocarbon applications, as well as refined products, process fluids, water treatment, lubrication and others.

Refinery Saves $1.8m
on Desalter Operation

A U.S. Gulf Coast refinery installed a Magnetic Separator upstream of their Pentair filter system which significantly reduced their annual filter change-outs and water disposal costs.

Annual net savings of $1,850,000.
Payback: < 7 days.