Black Powder Contamination

Magnetic Separation Technology saves $390k a year

Midstream Operator – Coyanosa Texas, Mar 2022- Problem – The operator identified high levels of black powder contamination in their condensate production. The contamination was reducing the quality and sale price of the condensate along with increased costs from conventional filter change-outs and shutdowns.

Aviation Fuel Cleanliness

All fuels employed in the Aviation industry require the highest possible cleanliness value that allows the cleanest burn resulting in the least amount of solids emissions possible. Clean fuel also reduces premature wear of fuel system components.

Effective Filtration on the Suction Side of Pumps

March 2020 Use high strength permanent magnetic fields to remove Black Powder contamination, and there is no requirement for the use of screens or membranes (magnetic versions of cone, basket and wye-strainers are available). Clean magnetic separators show pressure differentials in the sub-0.5 psi range and are at 0 psi in most liquid applications. Contamination-loaded …

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